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The right advertising at the right time equals customers at your door and money in the bank.

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Joyce Publishing, Inc.
Direct Mail Magazines Published

Advertising Company
in Tallahassee!

We direct mail your business coupons
or advertising deal in our magazines
throughout Greater Tallahassee
to thousands of
homes and businesses.


AD/MAXII Student Survival Guide

Dining and Visitors Guide

Home & Yard

We specialize in
direct mail
advertising and
internet advertising
in Tallahassee.

Whether you need local magazine
advertising in Tallahassee or
national exposure we
have a solution for you.

Joyce Publishing, Inc.

2940 E Park Ave. Suite C

Tallahassee, Florida 32301

(850) 309-1400
Fax (850) 309-1401

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The right advertising at the right time is money in the bank. There has never been a better time
to advertise your business with us.
The economy has pushed the need for Advertising to the limit and Customers are looking for your
ads and coupons. Let us display your business ad or coupon in one of our directly mailed
magazines or online with our easy to use website.
Our magazines have become a household name and customers are eager to browse the coupons.
Let us deliver your business coupon right into the homes in your area!

We offer professional and affordable advertising and marketing that is unmatched!  
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Customers are looking for your deal, your
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